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As a rule, they have undertaken comprehensive testing to draw up these compatibility documents. These two documents are the master documents that provide links back to documents covering the current System Requirements as well as the System Requirements for older versions of Pro Tools. Your first port of call should be your Avid Master Account. You will then see a list and you will see a list of your products, that will look a bit like this depending on what products you have. My list actually goes all the way back to a Pro Tools 6LE to 7. If you click on one of the entries, in this case below, my Pro Tools HD 7.

This document has details and links back to Pro Tools 7. Another question we often get asked is about whether you can use an old version of Pro Tools on a current computer with a current version of the OS, or conversely, can you use the latest version of Pro Tools on an older computer. Our advice is that you should match the version of Pro Tools with the corresponding supported operating system versions.

To do this, check the compatibility information below and find out which version of the Mac or Windows operating system was supported for that version of Pro Tools, and choose one of those supported operating systems.

If you need a newer version of your operating system for other software then you should upgrade Pro Tool to a version that is supported for that version of the operating system. Posted December 2, Hey so, just to let you know that I have completed building my i7 2.

How to Install Pro Tools 9 on Lion 10.7 OSX - Clean Install - Recommended Method

Posted December 18, Also, has anyone upgraded to PT9 HD? I tried: Posted December 19, Posted March 17, Hi, do you know any other motherboard with x58 chipset compatible with protools hd system? Posted May 24, I just found this thread and thought it was pretty interesting. I have it all loaded up with iDeneb DigiTest shows all of the cards and all tests pass. Posted July 9, Posted August 1, Posted August 8, Carillon AC1 Motherboard: Corsair TXw Graphics Card: Pictures of my build here: Posted August 9, Posted September 6, Xeon W RAM: Protools HD 8.

This is my first foray at building a Hack. I've been reading everything I can about this. Does anyone notice the bus bogging down?

Avid Pro Tools 9

I also have an HD Accel system. HD4 running on an old PPC dual 1. Going to the G5 PCIx route is worthless at this point. The only true PCIx mobos are server boards.

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They have 64bit MHz bus speed. I'd happily sell 2 cards to run an HD2 system with more speed.

Do you think this card will work in a Hack? This is the recommended processor. Posted September 8, Posted September 26, Do you think it is possible to run Snow with pci cards?

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Are yours card pci, correct? Posted November 15, Posted January 5, Unfortunately i can't seem to boot into Any ideas? I don't use PT any more, cause Logic through my black lion modded sounds so soooo sweet.

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  7. Mike Connelly Mike Connelly. Audio Speciality level out of ten: Probably more info at the DUC. My Digirack simply stopped showing up as an accessible audio device for the OS.

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    Im really disappointed, because the same happened when I upgraded to Leopard. It wasnt until version Im not sure where the problem lies, but I hope either DigiDesign or Apple fixes the problem soon. A Message was edited by: Im perfectly aware of that This is highly irrelevant info though Gregg Sandheinrich Gregg Sandheinrich.

    Pro Tools Operating System Compatibility Chart

    Knees Knees. This was the latest package, for Digidesign's statement http: James Holloway James Holloway. If you can live without those I can you'll be fine. Johan B Johan B. The Digi is a fine tool for recording with Garageband and Logic Studio.

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