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First, you are given two ways to activate Zoom.

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You can engage it, along with its variants, by using keyboard shortcuts. The controls for this can be seen at the top of the Zoom Preferences panel. Alternatively, you can Zoom by using scroll gestures on the trackpad or via the scroll wheel on a mouse.

Hint Options

For me, the scroll gestures choice is best, so I first enable Use scroll gestures with modifier keys to zoom. I choose the Control key in combination with the scroll gesture in order to achieve the desired Zoom level. You may choose any of the three modifier keys that work for you. What was that?

Enable Screen Zoom in Mac OS X Lion

Simply click on it to get to the built-in system help pages. This is linked to a setting in the Keyboard Preferences panel whereby, if enabled, it allows you to use the Tab key to cycle sequentially through the various windows, controls, and menu items. With this Zoom option enabled, the magnified area will center on where the current keyboard focus is, staying zoomed in while shifting to the next one when Tab is pressed.

This advantage is addressed by this setting. By default, when engaging the Zoom function, you are doing so in Fullscreen Style. The other Zoom Style choice is Picture-in-picture. In contrast with the Fullscreen style, this one shows the magnified image in a small window that you can move around the screen as needed. The Picture-in-picture frame can be pre-configured to any size you want. This is done by first making sure that the Picture-in-picture Zoom Style is selected in the Zoom Style pop-up menu, then clicking the More Options button. In the resulting pane, click on the Adjust Size and Location button at the bottom, as shown below.

This brings up the actual Picture-in-picture frame, but in its editable mode, allowing you to size it as desired. When the pointer changes to an arrow, you can drag and position the window edges as needed. Then click OK to exit.

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I will occasionally switch to the Picture-in-picture Zoom Style when running a demo on the Mac projected to a group of students. Note that there are third-party apps that provide this type of functionality. The resulting panel varies depending on the Zoom Style selected.

Furthermore, you are able to set a number of very specific options for each of the two Zoom Styles. Some of the resulting changes are very subtle. Most are intended to benefit users with disabilities by giving them the capability to fine-tune how the overall OS X Zoom function works. In any case, I strongly suggest you experiment with all these settings to see what works for you for however you need or want to use the feature.

You can choose to zoom out on your browser, or to zoom your entire Mac screen. Follow these instructions to zoom out and in on a Mac. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times.


Learn more. How to Zoom out on a Mac Author Info. Learn more Method 1. Navigate to "System" and choose "Universal Access. Choose the "Seeing" tab.

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View the center section that has "Zoom" options. If Zoom is turned off, click the button to turn it on. View the short cuts to zoom out, by pressing the "Command," "Option" and minus sign buttons at once. You can zoom in by pressing Command, option and equals plus signs simultaneously. Learn the zoom short cut to turn the function on and off without going into Universal Access. You can press option, Command and number 8 while you are on the desktop to control this function. If your zoom function isn't working, your zoom is most likely turned off.

Method 2. Roll the mouse wheel up to zoom in while pressing Control.

Roll the mouse wheel down to zoom out while pressing Control. Method 3. Take 2 fingers and swipe upward on the track pad simultaneously to zoom in. Take 2 fingers, press the Control key and swipe down on the track pad to zoom out.

How to Zoom Out on a Mac

Method 4. Press the plus sign to zoom in. The browser will zoom incrementally the more times you press the plus sign.

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