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Collation: ii12 48s 49s. Contents: Jerome's Prologues. Frater Ambrosius. Tandem finite Jos. Viginti duas. Prayer of Manasses follows without a break. Utrum difncilius. Et fecit. In terra quidem. Si aut. Dauid filius Iesse added , b. Psalterium rome added. Psalter Romanum. Tribus nominibus. Liber sapientie. Oratio Salomonis at end. Non idem. Regule sunt. Osee crebro. In hoc propheta. Sanctus iohel. Iohel filius. Ozias rex. Amos pastor.

Iacob patriarcha. Abdias qui. Jonam sanctum. Jona columba. Naum propheta. Naum consolator. Abacuc luctator. Sophonias speculator. Aggeus festiuus. Secundo anno. Deus per moisen. Malachias aperte. Machabeorum liber licet, b. Machabei vii. Machabeorum libri duo. Jungat epistola already given , to Osee. Ionas columba. Iosiam regem. Arguments to Rom. Original hand: Evv. Matheus ex iudea. Matheus cum primo. Primum queritur. Romani sunt qui ex gentibus. In secunda ad Cor.


Post actam penitentiam. Canit psalmista. Lucas natione. Jacobus petrus etc. Non ita ordo. Simon petrus filius.

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Rationem uerbi. Johannes apostolus. Omnes qui pie. Interpretationes nominum triple columns , Aaz—Zuzim. The historiated initials and partial borders which form the decoration of this Bible are of good execution. They belong to what is loosely called the Giottesque school, and I know no obviously better name for them. Gold appears on nimbi etc. The borders, in which dark blue, pink and vermilion are predominant, contain heads, birds, etc.

Black monk seated writing. Nimbed half-length man with book. At top two medallions with busts of nimbed grey-bearded figures in grey mantles. In the stem of the letter seven medallions quatrefoil in circle of the Days of Creation and the Sabbath. The Creator is half-length. In 1, -2 He holds sphere. Tree on R. Sun, moon, etc. Birds on R. Creates Eve. Sits full face. In lower margin, a rectangular picture of the Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John.

Buildings—like a three-sided court—on R. Red ground. Below, a Dominican friar in prayer. Moses horned leads a Jew to L. Moses horned: a Jew holds lamb over altar on R. A man speaks to God head in cloud on R. Moses horned, and a man with a roll, stand over a tomb or ark. Very similar to Num. Two men in mailed shirts with shields. Head of God or angel in sky on R. Above, Elimelech; below, Naomi, journeying. I Reg. Two crowned figures seated talking. Group of robed figures, all but one in pointed caps. Above, mason with trowel: below, man with load on ladder; at bottom Cyrus seated, ordering them.

Tobit reclines : angel stands over him. Judith slays Holofernes, and holds up his head. Esther, a. Ahasuerus with sceptre, b. Esther touching it. Haman hanging. Job reclining. Friends on R. Christ above, David with harp below, cix. Two small figures, of the Father and Son. Solomon instructing Rehoboam. Sawn in sunder at the shoulders by two men. A man stones him. Jeremiah sits at the gate of the city. Baruch writing. In bed, the heads of the cherubim above.

Caresses Gomer. Joel on L. Locusts and tree in C. God's head on R. Amos keeping sheep, addressed by God. Three men at table, one looks up to clouds. In fish's mouth. City above. Looks at tower of Bethlehem on R. Falling city on R. Looks at Christ on the cross in C. Looks at city gate with small fishes on the doors the fish gate. Looks up at Christ half-length.

The Entry into Jerusalem. Christ above, man with robes below. Looks at priest in cap before altar raising chalice. I Mace. Two horsemen with spears, meeting. Tree in C. Matthew writing. Busts of Virgin and Child at bottom, bust of David above, and of Abraham at top.

Christ above, Mark in C, lion at bottom. Zacharias kneels at altar. Below, human figure with ox's head. John at top, seated. Human figure with eagle's head below. Paul half length with sword and book. Paul addresses messenger with scroll. Feet of ascending Christ above, Virgin and apostle half-length below. II] 19 James, a. Christ in cloud handing book to b. James in chasuble, pallium, mitre.

Messenger with scroll. Peter half-length. John embracing a youth. Christ above hands a book to him. John writing: seven candles on a bar above. The other initials are decorative. Cent, xiii, in a beautiful delicate hand. Modern red morocco binding.

Purchased from Quaritch, Jan. On the flyleaf: Ego nicolaus dorigny asportaui hanc bibliam a trecis Troyes quam mihi sua gratia dignata est dare mater mea propter certas causas a. Continued in a larger hand : et hanc dedi Pronepoti meo et legaui mense augusto anno ab Incarn. Jartrier J doubtful. Contents: On the verso an erased inscription of several lines, and a list of the order of the books in this Bible. Interprelationes nominum. In triple columns with prologue. Opusculi nostri laborem paterne gracie tue intitulata —ieiunamque discipuli.

Aaron mons fortitudinis. Ends n a: Zuthym preparati uel terribiles in acie. Amerus i. Aliter dicuntur etiam nomina eorum Balthasar i capillus capitis. Aurum thus mirram. Job quoque exemplar. Hester mut. Nouum opus. Plures fuisse. Acts no prol. Baruch with prol. Liber iste qui baruch. In another hand of ordinary xiiith cent, type. I Esdr. Ezra Neh. II Esdr. In a later hand xiv, xv Prol.

The initials are exceedingly fine. The grounds are normally of admirable burnished gold : outer grounds of blue or various reds, patterned, the initials themselves in colour, patterned. The drawing of figures very careful, with a great deal of modelling. The artist is fond of a red drapery paling into white or white with folds in red. The initial to Genesis is edged with green. Small decorative initial. First prologue. Initial gone. The length of the page, outer ground of blue with fret-pattern in black and gold.

It contains seven circular medallions, each with four nearly semicircular medallions surrounding it, which I shall call spandrels. Below each of these compositions except the last is a small quatrefoil. Clouds in spandrels. Globe, and clouds in spandrels. Trees, water and fire or cloud in spandrels.

Large cock crowing on L. Other birds in spandrels. Beasts in spandrels. Christ seated with globe blessing. Evangelistic emblems in spandrels. The small quatrefoils contain : a. Two dogs. Four rabbits, their heads in centre. Two birds, d. Cat and mouse, e. Four lions? Moses in hat with staff leads small Israelites to R. Christ speaks to Moses horned standing in doorway on R. Christ: Moses horned with tables. Both half-length. Moses horned with scroll. Jews two in peaked hats on R.

Joshua in hat with staff leads Israelites to R. Judges cut out. Ruth decorative. Elkanah beardless seated full-faced between Hannah and Peninnah. His robe is of blue and white, damaged. David seated crowned. Amalekite before him with red crown. David in bed. A courtier presents a bishop.

Ahaziah reclining. Two men speak to Elijah in broad hat. He sits cross-legged with arms bound behind him : two men saw his head. Jeremiah in hat stands by tower on R. A hand on L. His bust seen in tower between lions' heads. Divine Hand above.

Hosea in hat holds the hand of Gomer on L. In the lower margin, beautifully drawn in outline, are a dragon and a lion, referring perhaps to Daniel's dragon and the lions' den. Joel addresses two men on R. Amos in hat with curved stick looks at sheep on R. Obadiah with scroll. Jonah emerges from red fish. Micah sits under arch turrets R. These three are probably unfinished and are rubbed. Nahum seated with scroll under architecture. Habakkuk similar. Zephaniah similar, damaged. Three quatrefoils: a bishop, a youth, a man pointing up.

In the lower margin, in rough outline, a hound pursuing a deer. An irregular quatrefoil: a man pointing up. Malachi seated with scroll. Solomon crowned seated with scroll. The bridegroom crowned kisses the bride : damaged. Solomon seated addresses group on R. Solomon seated addresses a youth on R. Two groups of busts, R. Christ speaks to Solomon on R.

Job reclining, wife at his head on L. Three friends on R. Tobit gone. Judith cuts the throat of Holofernes crowned in bed. Esther gone. Jesse reclining. Tree springs from his body with four elliptical medallions of David, king with book, the Virgin? Mark gone. Luke writing: ox on R. John gone. Luke writing: Theophilus on A'. James half quatrefoil. He addresses men on L. I Peter, seated with book. The rest gone. Phil, similar. Paul seated, the other figure gone. Paul seated speaks to Philemon on if. John in chair, head on hand, desk before h i m : he holds a knife.

Hand above. Baruch gone. By another hand: 1 Esdr. Above, a prophet; below, a king. King, and Nehemiah with cup. Man sprinkling altar. The original division into chapters has been obliterated up to the middle of Numbers. This has lxvii. Cent, xiii, fine small rather narrow and pointed hand. Binding modern, stamped vellum with gold tooling: lettered Biblia Sacra Anno Purchased from Leighton. It has the book-plate of Mr William Morris, who acquired it in March On the last flyleaf xv : Jo.

Tobit i is interrupted at the end of a leaf by the insertion of Esdr. II Et fecit Iosias occupying eight leaves in another very good hand. At the end, the prol. Si aut fiscellam. Psalter, Gallican. I, 2 Mace, proll. Paul Epp. Kalendar in black, red, blue, 2 months on a page. Anniversarium patrum et matrum. Peter Martyr added. Dominici in blue. Francisci added. Dominici in blue with octave. Anniuersarium familiarium et benefactorum nostrorum. Francis in red. Interpretationes nominum. Festum b. Sancte Corone. Dionisii cum soc.

These entries serve to connect the book with the Dominicans of Paris. After the Psalter is the beginning of a note ' ubi cantica inueniantur. Nimbed man writing. At bottom the Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John. Seven elliptical medallions of the days of Creation, on grounds alternately blue and pink. Some draperies are.

Moses leading Jews to R. Moses horned and another offering lamb at altar. Moses horned and a Jew seated. Divine Hand on R. Moses horned addresses Jews on L. Nimbed man seated. Three Jews seated. Elimelech above, Naomi and her sons below, journeying. Hannah kneels at altar.

Eli on L. Man beheads the Amalekite. David reclines: courtier and Abishag. Ahaziah falls from tower. Seated figures. Solomon kneels at altar. Mason building; below, man with pack on yoke; at bottom, Cyrus. Nehemiah presents cup to king. Toiii reclining. Bird flies away. Judith beheads Holofernes. Esther touches sceptre of Ahasuerus above: below, Haman hanging.

Job seated. Wife on R. David plays harp; xxvi. Samuel anoints David : xxxviii. David kneels touching his mouth: Divine Head on R. Fool with club and cake; lxviii. Christ above, David in water below; lxxx. David plays on bells, xcvii. Clerks sing at lectern; cix. Father and Son seated, Dove between them, cxix. Solomon with rod. Rehoboam on R. Solomon seated with flower, woman on R. The Church seated crowned, with cross and chalice. Solomon with sword: knight with shield. Virgin and Child. Mougins French Riviera, France. Cannes French Riviera, France. Vence - Ara French Riviera, France.

Cannes - Croisette French Riviera, France. Cannes - Centre French Riviera, France. Our latest properties winter holidays. Gstaad Gstaad - Saanen, Switzerland. Close Your favourites share. Your favourites share. There never was a second Edition. Octavo et Infra. Verginia, Comedia, red morocco, Vineg. Romischen Alterthumer, von J. Meyer, 2 vol. Grammatisch-kritischen Worterbuche der Hochdeutschen Mundart, 4 vol.

B OctaVO. Lipsice, 19 iEschylus, Gr. Turnebus, Aristaeneti Epistolae, Gr. Notis Franc, de Furia, - - - Lips. Les Fables et la Vie dEsope en Fr. Opera, 2 vol. Appendix Apologetica, Ludg. Epis- tolae Petri Victorii et Jo. Caselii, Sedini, , in 1 vol. Dictionary, abridged by Morell, in 4 vol. Sambuci Emblemata et Nummi Antiqui, Plantin. Emblemata cum Imaginibus restitutis ad mentem Auctoris, - - Patavii, part ii. Poematia, - - sine anno.

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A Histoire Monastiquc d'Irlande, Paris, 44 Alen Edmond , A Catechism that is to say a christen in- struccion of the principall pointes of Christes religion, necessary as well for youth as for other that be desirous to be taughte howe to geve a reckenyng of theyr faith to learne, blue morocco, from the White Knight's Sale. Maio, Mediol. Lomeieri de Bibliothecis Liber, Ultraj '. W ynne C omtesse D e R oscnberg. Equicola d' de la Nature de 1' Amour, Par. Expositions in Partitiones Ciceronis, MS.

Notes by H. H'oljius, - - Basil. Notes 6y Wolfius, - Basilea, 65 Amerpachii V. Enarratioues in Ovidiuro, Basil. Ovi- dios de Ponto cum A rgu mentis Amerpachii, Argent. Marat, 19 vol. Historical Remarks on, - 75 Andrews' Capt. Maruli Dicta Factaque memorabilia, Ante. Fulgosii Facta Dictoque memora- bilia, lb. Opus Historiarum nostra Seculo con- venientissimum, Basil. Erotopaegnion Poema , Parrhisiis, s. Voyage dun Francais en Angleterre. Voyage d'un Francais en Angleterre, 2 vol. Paris, De l'Angleterre, par M.

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Rubichon, 2 vol. The years , 1, 4, 5, 6 wanting, 21 vol. Paris, 92 Answer to Two Letters of T. Metrica auctre quibus variae scu- torum natalitiorum imagines insertas sunt a Christ. Ege- nolpho, Caussinus de symbolica jEgyptiorum Sapientia, Col. Jonston de Festis Hebraeorum et Graecorum, Jena, Nicolai de Phyllobolia, Fr. Puteanus de Nundinis Romania, Lovanii, Bartholin us de Arraillis Vetenim, Amst.

Durantium, 98 Ants The a Rhapsody, 2 vol. Quarto, A. As it hath beeno sundry times Acted by the Prince of Wales his servants, written by R. Chronicon Syriacum, Syr. Notis P. Bruns et G. Kirsch, 2 vol. Matthew Huss a Lyon, c. Novi Comtnentarii Soc. Scientiarum Gottingensis, , 3 vol. Commentationes, 90, 10 vol. Gottingensis, , 4 vol.

Novi Comm. Dublin, 1 10 Academiarum qua? Silva Quadrilinguis Vocabu- lorum et Phrasium Bohemica? Grammatisch-Kritisches Worterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mundart, vol. Robortello nunc primum editus Graece cum fig - Venet. Sine nota sed Memming. Sylvii de duobus Amantibus Historia, with MS. Notes, - - Sine nota, circa ALeopi Vita et Fabellap, Gr.

Ga- bfise Fabella? Minutes of Agriculture, by Marshall, Experiments and Observations, by Marshall, The Case of Labourers in Husbandry stated, by the Rev. Davies, Bath, , 3 vol. Communications to the Board of Agricul- ture, 7 vol. B lado, Altra Edizione. Ejusdem Liber de Secretis Mulierum, Explicit, , in one vol.

Poema, Mediolani per A. Calvum, Albin's El. Madrid, Alciati And. Tractatus contra Vitam Monasticam, Hag. Mexico, Jeronimo Balli, Alcmanni Nic. Polygamia Triumphatrix, Land. Britannia Illustrata, Ante. Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung, some numbers wanting together 30 vol. Meletemata Philologico-Critica, Traj. Hijos de Madrid, Diccio- nario histdrico, 4 vol. Bayntun, - Ames's Jos. Typographical Antiquities, augmented by Wro. Herbert, 3 vol with MS. La Vie de Ft. Dictionnalre Tartare-Mantchou Francois, publieea par L.

Langles, 3 vol. Amorum Libri Quatuor, Venetiis per Bernard. Venetum, Quaedam Epistolae Ciceronis — Campani Epistolae. Jehan Petit. Elegise, Paris. Denis Roce. Ejusdcm Amorum Libri s. Florentini Summa Confession um, s. Alle de Gedicbten, - Amst. Jayme Bartholome, two Copies, - Barcel. Foorthe, Lond.

Paris, Autre exemplaire, 2 vol. Epistolae familiares, Sine loco et anno. Elucidationes in quatuor evangelia, Antv. Babolani, 2 vol. Sabio, Ariosto. Pescatore da Ravenna. La Morte di Rucgiero, continuata a la Materia de 1'Ariosto, fines. Junta, Aristophanis Comcediae novem Gr. Notes, Paris. Oourmontius, Aristotelis de Poctica Liber Gr.

Aretinum in Lat. Fabri Stapulensis Introductio in Metaphysicos, imperfect, Paris. Mercurius Trismegtstus de Potestate Dei Lat. Arma Suecica, portraits, - Folio. Istoria de suoi Tempi, Firenze, Adventurer, by Dr. Hawkesworth, 2 vol. Epistoloe Familiares, Lovanii per J. Historia Rerum ubique gestarum, last leaf MS. Histor'a Rerum ubique gestarum, Fenetiis, Pii II. Abbreviatio supra decades Blondi, sine loco, Heptaplus Jo. Pici Mirandulae, sine nota. Conclusiones Apologeticae Jo. Aldus, Idem Liber, Lat. Cornarium, Basil. Beroaldi, Regii, Alarcon Ant.

Cardinalis Vita, euro A. Mirxi, Antv. Hystoria del Momo, traosl. Origen y principio de la Lengua Castellana. Tesoro de la Lengua Castellana, Mad. Quadruped um Historia, 2 vol. Le Ricchezze della Lingua Volgare, Vineg. Aldo, Alvarez Franc. Exameron, s. Aldus, Anastasii Vita; Romanorura Pontificum, 4 vol.

Roma, Andrea? Codice Graeco descripta, Gr. Florcntini Opus Historaruru seu Croni- carum, 2 vol.

En la muy noble y Ileal cibdad de Sevilla impressa por llos onrrados varones maestros Pedro Bhun. Juan gentil Jiel e verda- deramenle corregida, etc. Braccio, 2 vol. Aldo, Apulcius. Apulegio Volgarc con molte piu figure adornato trad, per il Conte M. Buhle, 2 vol. England und Italien, 5 v. A very rude specimen of printing, and extremely rare. Mantino, Par.

Petrus, Aretine's Leonard Historic concerning the Warres be- twene the Imperialles and the Gothes for the possession of Italy, translated by A. II Marescalco, lb. Talanta, Venezia, Il Filosofo, very scarce, lb. Hipocrito, lb. Bologna, Ariosto Lod. Orlando Furioso, 5 vol. Commedie, Cassaria. Li Suppositi. II Ne- gromante. La Lena. Le Satire, Vineg. Juncta, Aristophanis Comcediae, Gr. Frischlini, Franc, ad Moen. Junta, Aristophanes. Comment, in Aristophanis Comcedias, col- legit C. Beckius, vol. See a Note by Mr.

Hcber respecting this copy. Basiled, Aristotelis Enunciationum Enarrationes, V. Araerpachio nutore, MS. Wolfius, - Basilea, s. Gaza interprets fine copy, gilt leaves, - - Lugduni, s. This is the third vol. See Renouard Annales des Aides, Vol. All the volumes are very rare. Lambino, MS. Wolfius, - Ver. Her- desianus de Nobilitate, Lipsiar, Ejusdem Anti- quitates Puteolanae, Reisen, , 4 vol. Basilea, Arrianus. Chaussard, 3 vol. Madrid, Aschpanus Gr. Wolfius, - - H. Homero, viz. Caesar, 2 vol. Taci- tus, 4 vol. Large Paper, russia, marbled leaves, - - Lond. Quintilianus, Florent.

Junta, Plauti Comoediae, Colon. Lucani Pharsalia, Lutet. Claudiani Opera et Aviani Fa- bulas, Duaci, Sallustius et Martialis, edid. Maittaire, Lond. Catechismus Lat. Magni Opera, a Jos. Scaligero emendata, 2 vol. Euvres, 11 vol. Systeme Universelle, 8 vol. A briefe and faythfull declaration of the true fayth of Christ, made by certeyne men susspected of Heresie, probably by J. Bale - Bacchus. Le Concert des Enfans de Bacchus, Par.

Russische Bibliothek, 6 vol. Novis- sima Tuba, Lond. Antiquities of London aud Westminster, Balbini Boh. Bohemia Docta, edita et Notis illustrata a Raph. Ungar, 3 vol. Morall Phylosophie, Lond. Whitchurche, Bale's Johan Mysterie of Inyquyte contayned within the heretycall Genealogye of Ponce Pantolabus, is here both dysclosedand confuted, by I. Herbert's Ames, I.

Note by Mr. Heber who has added the prices at which copies have sold at various sales. Bale, Marpurg in the lande of Hessen, Bekensau de Supremo et absolute Regis Imperio, T. Berthelet, , in 1 toI. A declaration of Edmonde Bonner's Articles, concerning the Cleargye of London Dyocese whereby that execrable Antychriste, is in his righte colours re- veled in the yeare of our Lord a.

Letters on France and Italy, Edinb. La Clef des Chansonniers, 2 vol. Pamasse, Ballot y Torres J. Pau Grammatics y apologia de la Llengua Cathalana, - - Barcelona. Argenis, 2 vol. Tractate lus ejusdem venerandi patris de Regiinine Principum, Per W. Noei Borguignon avec un Glossaire, par B. Noei Borguignon de Gui Barozai B. Schoeffer, Bartholomews. The ordre of the Hospital of S.

Sykess Collection, Barton's W. Psalms and Hymns for the Thanksgiving, Oct. Dictionnaire des Graveurs, 3 vol. Orationes de Moribus, Grace, Paris. Flagellum Pontificis, Moundeford Vir Bonus, Schola Urbanitatis, Wouweri Dies Estiva, , 4- vol. Chateauneuf, 9 vol. Colla- tions and conjectural emendations. Query, by whom, Bentley V MS. Heber, Ludg. Lcland, and translated by R. Robinson, wanting title and three leaves at the end, 1 Arthur Morte d' with an Introduction and Notes by Robert Southey, 9 vol. Decli- nationes ascensianae j metro exametro compositaj ab Ascensio non a Sulpitio ut nonnulli putant.

Kalendaria Ecclesiae Universa? Gothofredi, Gen. Matthseo, Haga Com. Zell, Ejusdcm Alii Tractatus, printed in the same character in 1 vol. Zell impressus est, 14 "3 Augustini Confessiones, Daventria, Anselmus de Conceptione Virginis, et alia opuscula, sine nota t in 1 vol. Temporum Notatio, Genus, et Scrip- torum Fragmenta. Bartho- lomew was planned. Epithalamium in Nuptias Frederici V.

Gulielmi Vota et Soteria Carolo Principi, , 2 vol. Noctes Mormantinae, Elegia et Epigrammata, Paris. First Edition, - Bacon Nat. Discourse on the Government of England, Badvellus C. Alia Opuscula Poetica ejusdem, - Mediol. Progresso dell' Arte dell' Intagliare in Rame, 1 vol. Bombergi, Bandini. Appendix in Prcefat. Bandinianam ad Cat. Plays in I Vol. Jesu Christi, Tarvisii, Baraterii J. Probae Centonse ex- cerptum e Maronis Carminibus. Explanatio super Psalmos et Donatus Theologus.

An Edition without date, but probably printed at Naples by Reussinger about See Panzer, vol. Reussinger's Device is at the end of the volume. Poemata, red morocco, Antv. Modena, Bardetti Stan. Ejusdem Syriados Libri Sex, ib. See MS. Printed by G. Bishop of Durham, port. Opusculum Divinum a L. Aretino traductum, P. Paccini Pisciensis, Bosile G. Teagene, Poema, - Roma, Bastwick's J. Independency not God's Ordinance, Second part, Hosse's New Planet no Planet, A Review of Dr. Rosse's Philosophicall Touchstone, , in 1 vol. Algemeinen Welt historic 58 theil.

Zusatze zur Algem. The Woman Hater, first edition, - J. Hodgets, Another Copy, imperfect, - - Burre, 4SO AT. Creede, " Mr. Weber, the last Editor, erroneously denies the Existence of ed. Jones, third edition, - A. Wilson, sixth ed. Not in the Fol. Museum, nor in the 8vo. Not seen by Weber, the last Editor. Hawkins, fourth ed. Shepherd, Phylaster, or Love lyes a Bleeding, first edition, with the date cut off, extremely rare, T. IValkley, second impression, cor- rected and amended, - T. Hawkins, fourth edit. Walkley, Another edit. Bonian and H. Walley, n. Meighen, A King and no King, first edition, rare, T.

Walkley, seconded. Leake, fifth ed. Cotes, The Elder Brother, first edition, F. Moseley, Monsieur Thomas,7? Waterson, Wit without Money, first edition, - T. Cotes, The Coronation, edition, - T. Cotes, part ii. Beaumont and Fletcher. This Masque is dedicated to Sir F.

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Bacon, and is men- tioned by Dugdale Orig. It pleased his Majestie to call for the first Anti Masque again at the end, but one of the Statuaes was by that time undressed. Lewis, Mediolani, Aliud exemplar, 2 vol. Cremona Literata, 2 torn, in 1 vol. First Edition, an extraor- dinary fine copy, with rough leaves in the original morocco binding, - yenetiis Aldi Manutii, Aristotelis Operum Volumen Secundum, Vol. Aldus, Aristoteles de Anima cum Commento, Lat. Pselli Philosophi Comment, in Phybiccn J.

Cumotio Interprete, - I'enet. Graramaticus in Libros de Generatione, Venet, Aldi, Simplicius in Libros de Ccelo, ib. Der Lieflandischen Chronik, 2 vol. Halle, Arnobii Disput. Roma, Arphe J.

mac dan portes les valence catalogue Mac dan portes les valence catalogue
mac dan portes les valence catalogue Mac dan portes les valence catalogue
mac dan portes les valence catalogue Mac dan portes les valence catalogue
mac dan portes les valence catalogue Mac dan portes les valence catalogue
mac dan portes les valence catalogue Mac dan portes les valence catalogue

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