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Well, neat is going away from desktop scan storage and they want to charge to use their cloud Neatdesk software Alternative Fresh 14 Best Document Management. Crop copy, a neat new feature to reproduce the image but not the original's printer This version now includes internal driver support for the Epson printer range.

All up and running! Everything working great! Much much faster with the standalone exe.

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Looking for an alternative document imaging system. We have found that reliability and quality of results are typically better with ScanSnap scanners than with any other kind of scanner. NAPS2 is completely free and open source. I purchased it for my husband who is a contractor with his own business. Small businesses that are looking for a great alternative to Expensify. For a number of Has anyone found an alternative to go paperless? Manage and store images and information for access in the future.

We stick receipts if all shapes and forms, wrinkled and not, and, at shoeboxed. The neat cloud and neat connect allows him to scan receipts and bills which I can easily pull down and access via the neat cloud with my desktop software signed into his account. This looks like it's more for documentation and idea tracking.

From my research it seems the two biggest players in receipt tracking software are NeatWorks and Many document management prospects considering eFileCabinet also consider Neat document management. Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate web traffic and sales leads from GetApp users. A new box now pops up after the process to tell you SP1 is now installed! It's fairly straightforward, in fact. We use Neat for keeping track of receipts, invoices, billing, and incoming packing slips.

For a number of years I have used Neat to scan and store receipts, documents, etc. Remove Neat Image for Photoshop 7. The best mobile scanners are not only compact but were also designed for on the go. Both feature new Neat 5 for Windows is the legacy digital filing system scanning software used by The Neat Company's line of NeatReceipts, NeatDesk, and NeatConnect scanners; it works with other brand scanners as well. You can export the data in various file formats to be quickly uploaded into popular accounting and expense report software, saving time and minimizing errors.

Neat Image latest version: Eliminate noise and grain from photos. For a number of years, a Neat scanner was a decent option, including the NeatDesk and the NeatConnect.

If you encounter problem when trying to delete Neat Image for Photoshop 7. You simply need to press the Scan button on your iX Courtesy of Neat Neat is a complete filing system with a physical scanner, scanning app for your smartphone, and online account access. There is no support ever. The latest versions of their scanners didn't provide a CD because the software was "freely" available for download on their site. I'm waiting for the neat scanner to come out so i can finally organize my office.

There are several reasons for this dynamic: Similar to Receipts by Wave, Expensify, Shoeboxed and Neat, ReceiptBank has built-in technology to transcribe date, amount and merchant information from the receipt and record it for you. The software in both is focused on The Neat Company makes scanners and software for individuals and businesses that can help with organization and management. Similar to its competitors, the ReceiptBank mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. What are good Expensify alternatives?

Use camera of your phone to capture documents, IDs and driver licenses! Has anyone found an alternative.

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This is bad when you have to reinstall Windows or get a new computer. Neat Image is indispensable in low-light indoors, night, no-flash, astro and high-speed sport, action, children photography. However, from what I have seen the Fujitsu scanners are much better quality, they just tend to last longer and run better.

What is your company's strategy for retiring obsolete legacy applications?

It will stop working after 2 years probably on purpose. The default printer driver on installation problem will be fixed. The software automatically classifies your file type by documents, receipts, business cards and photos, and sends it to the appropriate cloud based on your pre-set profiles. As long as you have the scanner drivers installed on your machine, the Neat scanner will work with other programs. Make sure you install the right package and make sure the scanner is not connected to the computer when you install the software.

For more basic information on using a scanner compatible with image capture to import to Paperless, please see this knowledge base article. Depending on the model of scanner you are using, you might be able to use a scanner distributed with Neat software to import to Paperless. Please note that in , Neat did stop support for their Mac scanners and drivers so there is a strong chance that an eventual Mac OS update will render the scanner useless. In Paperless 2. In previous releases of Paperless to Paperless 2. In the pre-digital days, it was common for people to just use envelopes or even shoe-boxes to store receipts.

Today, there is software and apps to help you organize all of your digital clutter. One of the best options plays on this old way or storage. The software Shoeboxed is one of the best ways to keep all of your receipts organized. A lot of these scanners also come with software that can help you organize your receipts.

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The Fujitsu ScanSnap software is really good. The Neat software is also excellent. The receipt management that comes bundled with the Brother DSD is another good option. There are several apps for both iOS and Android but none of them are better than a standalone scanner. Many of these scanners allow you to directly import your receipt data to QuickBooks.

Most of the scanners on this list will work with Mac. When you scan a document and receipt, you may be able to input that same search functionality with the help of OCR. Without OCR, the information on your receipt is just treated like an image. It goes through and turns the image of your receipt into letters and numbers. This can be really helpful, especially for organizational purposes and for searching your content later. For receipts, specifically, OCR makes it easy to import all of your receipt data into a spreadsheet for things like tax preparation.

A receipt scanner really made my record keeping and tax prep go much more smoothly. Have you ever scanned your receipts? Do you have any tips for keeping your receipts organized?

Review: NeatDesk Scanner For Mac

I have to find a new scanner since the NEAT company is holding my data hostage. I have an older model that I have used for 5 years. When Neat decided to change their business model my older model stopped working and the data became inaccessible. Then they removed the Neat exe file from my computer.

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I am thinking of contacting a lawyer. I agree. And to top it off, like your situation — charge you for your own data after THEY changed the rules. This is how companies end up fading away by losing customer confidence and loyalty. Its absurd and maybe there is a legal angle to this. I agree as well! Appreciate all the info! Thanks for the info on Neat.

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  4. That is what I thought I wanted. I just want to load my piling up receipts and move on. I honestly do not care for one brand or another. Can anyone suggest a good scanner for her records keeping. Should be OCR capable so the scans can be imported into an excel file.

    Thank You. Any thoughts? Your email address will not be published. At HereOn. Japanese company Fujitsu has been leading the way for years in making a number of high-quality IT equipment. What makes this scanner stand out is how much it can simplify your life. Scanning receipts can be a chore but this scanner makes it easy. This is another scanner that lets you sync your scanned documents between devices. Verdict: At one point, this was one of the best receipt scanners available.

    Verdict: If you want a receipt scanner that is small and portable but that also works really well, the Doxie GO is ideal. This is another receipt scanner design that is made for maximum portability. Verdict: The NeatReceipts premium portable mobile scanner is a great budget receipt scanner option that also offers superior portability. Something that makes this scanner stand out is the magic wand.

    Verdict: The magic wand feature on the Vupoint ST is just plain fun to use. This scanner from Brother is a good scanner but the real value with this one is the suite of software that comes bundled with it.

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    Neat receipts desktop scanner for mac

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