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Best Use Case: It is best for users who want to get the most formulas, functions, fonts, and even look of Excel without the price tag. How to Set Up a Sheet: OfficeSuite has just nine spreadsheet templates that are all for basic functions. Setting up sheets is identical to Excel. Quip Spreadsheets. About the Company: Quip is a subsidiary of Salesforce and is focused on collaborative productivity apps that include instant messaging and cloud storage. The company began independently, so their focus is entirely on updating their productivity offerings.

It functions like most spreadsheets, but on a white background with word processor-like text areas to add context to your sheets. These areas can contain linkable data, like values that update in real-time, or you can tag team members in the Quip ecosystem. It can also use special column properties like Contacts and check boxes along with conditional formatting for tasks like project management. Any spreadsheet you create can be transformed into a table and inserted into a Quip document for easy presentation and sharing.

Automation: It can pull in contacts synced with its ecosystem, such as your Quip teams, or with Salesforce for enterprise users who also have Salesforce. Compatibility: Import spreadsheets from virtually any cloud storage service, and from Excel documents. Documents to Go - Sheets To Go. Main Features: Sheets To Go is a fairly complete free spreadsheet tool for simple calculations and access to most popular cloud drives for importing and exporting. It was built explicitly with touchscreens in mind, first for iPad.

It bills itself more as an Excel editing platform for mobile work and review than as a true generator itself. Its main differentiator is the use of a larger font for ease of reading. Mobility: It is available for Android and iOS devices, along with a desktop sync app that lets you store your documents there.

About the Company: Savy Soda makes a variety of iPhone and iPad apps, all of which are lightweight with slick graphical presentation. Main Features: iSpreadsheet is an iOS-exclusive app that allows a wide range of arithmetic calculations and the ability to import and export your Excel and Numbers projects via any cloud storage for editing on the go. Mobility: It is mobile only, and can save files to most cloud drives. Compatibility: iSpreadsheet is compatible with all types of Excel and Apple Numbers files. It also supports real-time document syncing with Google Sheets.

Best Use Case: This app is best if you simply want to open, review, and make small edits to spreadsheets on a mobile device, or just use it for simple home budgeting and lists. Calc XLS. It has no visualization features, but allows for intuitive cell formatting and row and column resizing to create functional sheets and lists.

Mobility: It is mobile-only, and can save to DropBox to keep your phone and tablet storage freed up. Best Use Case: This app is best if you simply want to open, review, and make small edits to spreadsheets on-the-go, or just use it for simple home budgeting and lists. How to Set Up a Sheet: It has a similar process to other spreadsheet apps.

Citrix QuickEdit. About the Company: Citrix is a producer of primarily cloud and network solutions, so ease of uploading, editing, and access is their main focus for productivity apps. Main Features: Citrix QuickEdit is a highly-compatible spreadsheet app, and can be saved with nearly every cloud drive solution on the market. It has an Excel-like formula editor, basic cell formatting options for readability, and over functions including string and logical varieties for complex calculations on the go.

Mobility: It is mobile only, but you can also save files to DropBox to free up your phone and tablet storage. About the Company: This software is designed for collaboration as part of the Free Software Foundation, and seeks to bring high quality software to the masses and maintain transparency. Main Features: EtherCalc is a free, open source web app accessible on any platform with a browser that supports javascript. It is clean and visually appealing, with the ability to quickly add and edit data with a number of handy contextual shortcuts.

For example, if you select a cell, hold and left-click, and then move your mouse a little to the side, a circular menu appears with options to move or slide the cell, or fill an area with its value or function. The app can also create simple charts and forms, and supports instance-based commenting and simultaneous editing with multiple users. Mobility: Theoretically, any browser can access it, but you cannot begin working on a sheet on one device and pick it up again on another.

LibreOffice Calc. About the Company: LibreOffice is a maker of community-driven software for non-profits under open source licenses. They provide their source code and only make money through donations. Main Features: LibreOffice Calc is a full-featured desktop spreadsheet app with tons of downloadable templates and in-app guides, so anyone from a novice to an expert can get the full range of use.

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Mobility: There are standalone apps for Android and iOS that allow you to view your LibreOffice documents, but not edit them. Automation: LibreOffice Calc can pull in raw data and spit out meaningful analysis, and also take real-time data streams that persist into other sheets and create reports referencing the information. Compatibility: It normally saves files in OpenDocument Format. Best Use Case: For users who need complete spreadsheet computational ability and strong in-app automation features without the price tag or need for slick graphics.

Since the app is open source, it also is constantly supported despite having no profit. Though their ecosystem has a wide range of capabilities, nearly every app has an additional monthly cost. Main Features: Zoho Sheet is one of the browser-based spreadsheet apps most similar to Excel. Its main draw is the speed and slickness of navigating and calculating with it. Another benefit is that it comes with a VBA Editor and Macro Recorder, so you can get the full range of spreadsheet functionality.

It also includes everything from formulas to charts and PivotTables. The collaboration features are also robust, and allow for live IM discussions in the sheet, comment trees and notifications, real-time co-authoring, external publishing and embedding, and sharing with customized permissions to users on and off your team. The sheet also allows for publishable and live forms to feed in new data, like a CRM. The Zoho suite does have a limited project management tool, but you have to pay extra to create more than 20 projects.

There is also a desktop sync client, which lets you manage your Zoho cloud as offline files more easily.

All editing is done in the cloud, so most mobile and tablet browsers can access your cloud account and edit them. Automation: In addition to the ability to record and write your own macros for infinite custom automation, there are intuitive automation functions. It has its own cloud infrastructure, which can draw from Dropbox, or from other clouds for paid users.

The real value of Zoho comes from combining its many services, so be prepared to pay for the complete functionality. About the Company: Airtable is dedicated to its core product, with the goal of organizing anything and creating the friendliest databases ever.

Main Features: Airtable adds context to your data to make it easy to organize and reference. While seemingly simple, the spreadsheets can contain references within references to other spreadsheets to essentially create lightweight apps covering functions from CRMs to Project Management. It uses unique field types like attachments, checkboxes, drop downs, and links to records.

All collaboration occurs in real time. Mobility: With a cloud account and storage and apps across desktop and mobile platforms, you can access your work pretty much wherever you want. Automation: Content populates the different views in easy-to-understand ways, and you can format linked databases to update other spreadsheets in real-time to create functional apps. Compatibility: In addition to allowing Google account sign-in and sync, Airtable can pull data from dozens of popular apps out of the box, like Facebook, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Slack. To begin building a spreadsheet, you can import.

Best Use Case: For home and small team use, Airtable helps build lightweight information management and data automation apps that require no technical knowledge. About the Company: Acqualia is a small app development firm that has just produced Soulver so far. Their focus is on iterating and supporting both the Mac and iOS editions. Main Features: Soulver is less of a spreadsheet and more of a calculator with word recognition.

You can enter in your calculations along with labels, titles, and plain English sentences for persistent context. It can be especially helpful for converting measurement units, currency, stocks, and indices without any of the high-end user abstraction in advanced calculators. It gets especially user-friendly compared to calculators with the ability to drag and drop solutions and elements of problems into lines of other problems.

If you drag things up earlier in your equation tree, everything below changes accordingly. Mobility: There are mobile and desktop apps, but you cannot open and continue work on a different platform. Best Use Case: Replace your calculator app and use this for any number problem, from arithmetic to trigonometry, and even hex and binary. About the Company: OmniGroup is a software company focused on Mac and iOS, creating beautiful and functional productivity apps. Main Features: OmniOutliner is less of a spreadsheet and more of a word processor with columns and rows.

Its spreadsheet-like options allow for the creation of columns with special properties, such as a type of numerical formatting and checkboxes. Rather than using functions to calculate, you use column types to reflect attributes like min, max, average, and the top cells of that column will reflect it based on the rows underneath.

Best Use Case: This app is best for those focused on organizing complex thoughts and taking notes, rather than solving highly complex calculations. About the Company: AppSheet is a startup currently focused entirely on their core app. You can customize your data, tables, and slices, and then use drag-and drop functionality and selectors to affect the UX, formatting, and views of your apps.

Once created, you can deploy to users and customize the security, workflow rules, and behavior of your users. Your output can include branding, GPS and maps, charts, and phone functions like email notifications, image capturing, barcode scanning, and even signature capture.

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Mobility: Create your mobile and web apps via the AppSheet web app, which is best accessed on desktop. Your account is cloud-based, so you can save and resume your progress from anywhere. It can understand Google Sheets and Excel easily. Best Use Case: Build a lightweight app for incredibly specific data use within your company, without spending a fortune on development budget. Do you need every calculation, or is autosum the start and end of your agenda?

Therefore, the two primary factors that should inform your choice are compatibility with any other process and programs you use, and automation to free yourself up for other tasks. Even the smallest organizations are awash in data now, so you need to spend less time arranging it and more time analyzing and putting it to work. Get Started with Templates While weighing your needs, explore these templates for vital use cases in some of the larger apps discussed above:. Smartsheet is a work management and automation platform that enables enterprises and teams to work better.

Use the spreadsheet to organize data in multiple ways that are easy to analyze and manipulate for users of different experience levels. Display your sheet in the way that works for you - Calendar View to see important dates, Gantt to quickly assess project start and end dates, or Card View to assess status or employee workload. Reports can be generated and updated in real-time with specified data.

You can see live summary reports, get reminders on important deadlines, and follow links to important documents. With configurable widgets and a drag-and-drop layout, anyone can create a dashboard in Smartsheet - no training or set-up required.

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And, rather than emailing a static Excel file, you can share your Smartsheet dashboard with anyone. Changes can be made and are displayed in real time, and multiple people can view and edit a Smartsheet Sight at the same time. You can attach Smartsheet to G-Suite Business or Office for Business accounts, and sync contacts and calendars so you can easily create due date reminders and fill in contact details from special columns without manually adding them.

More than just a spreadsheet app, Smartsheet can be used as a central repository where you can store all documents and correspondence for individual projects. Try Smartsheet Free for 30 Days. In This Article. Compare Spreadsheet Apps at a Glance Though Excel is still a popular choice, countless competitors challenge it in realms like real-time collaboration, user-friendliness, and aesthetics.

Google Sheets.

Stunning spreadsheets that bring everyone to the table.

How to Set Up a Sheet: Excel has a small library of templates built-in, with an online database of many more third-party templates for just about every use case. To set up your own workbook, click on the File option and choose the Blank template. From there, enter or import your data, and create multiple sheets for different tables to reduce complexity. Use Lookup functions and formulas referencing cells on other sheets to link them together.

For basic analysis, pick your data, and use that cell-range to create a PivotTable and or PivotChart. Use Summarize Values By to choose whether you want your PivotTable data to display the sum, average, max, or another attribute.

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Note that if any of the data referenced in your PivotTable changes, you have to manually refresh it to have accurate data still display. How to Set Up a Sheet: More so than most spreadsheet apps, Numbers has many casual user friendly templates built-in, making it easy to use. To set up your own sheet, click Create New Sheet.

Create a textbox by selecting the Text icon, then customize it using the right rail graphical options. Create or import a table using the Table button, then customize it by right-clicking and adding additional rows and columns, and filling in data. Highlighting it will provide average, sum, and other data automatically in the header ribbon. Highlight your desired data, then select the Chart icon to select a chart preset. Customize with the right rail and right clicks.

Drag and resize your elements to create a visually appealing report. Mobility: It is only available for iPhones and iPads. Automation: It has no automation features. To set up your own sheet, tap Create New Sheet. Manually enter your table headers, and format their background color.

Newcomers find it intuitive and easy to learn; professional data miners and number crunchers will appreciate the comprehensive range of advanced functions. DataPilot is an advanced technology that makes it easy to pull in raw data from corporate databases; cross-tabulate, summarize, and convert it into meaningful information.

Intelligent Sum Button inserts a sum function or a subtotal automatically, depending on context.

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Wizards guides you through choosing and using a comprehensive range of advanced spreadsheet functions, or download templates from our Templates repository for ready-made spreadsheet solutions. Styles and Formatting makes it easy to apply flexible cell formatting options, including freely rotating contents, templates, backgrounds, borders, and many more. You can be your own spreadsheet expert thanks to templates with built-in functions, allowing you to concentrate on your real work. Scenario Manager allows "what if Calc's solver component allows solving optimization problems where the optimum value of a particular spreadsheet cell has to be calculated based on constraints provided in other cells.

Multiple users support - Encourage collaborative work on spreadsheets. By sharing a spreadsheet, other users can easily add their data to the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet owner can then easily integrate the new data with a few clicks. This collaboration feature helps avoid editing conflicts.

free xls software for mac Free xls software for mac
free xls software for mac Free xls software for mac
free xls software for mac Free xls software for mac
free xls software for mac Free xls software for mac
free xls software for mac Free xls software for mac
free xls software for mac Free xls software for mac

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