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Note : Additional Themes and Language files are available from the homepage. It also comes with a sophisticated scripting language that allows you to implement automated reactions to network events. Alternatively, you can make standard KVIrc portable by following these instructions.

Top Five Open Source IRC Clients

HexChat is an easy-to-use and extensible IRC client. The program features both tab and tree style views, color schemes, chat logging, auto replacements and customizable time-saving user commands. Cross-platform with clients available for Linux and experimental Mac builds. Updated the entry to reflect since v2. Check earlier versions if you need Vista support, and v2.

Nettalk a lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use IRC client with a tabbed interface. It offers comfortable management of multiple IRC connections, script and plug-in support, on screen displaying of messages e. Supports 7 world languages including Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and German. PChat Portable is the portable version released by the developer. Also available for Linux.

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Crashes a lot, and pieces of windows get "left behind" over the interface, like the chat text and then slowly scrolls out of view. Very bad. This is 37mb for two reasons: a it is a GTK app and includes the full GTK runtimes in the package, and B it contains full localization for dozens of languages. Delivered by FeedBurner. All rights reserved.

The Portable Freeware Collection. AdiIRC v3.

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  7. Best IRC Clients for Mac OS X:.
  8. KVIrc Portable v5. Matrix was built to integrate with IRC servers and other communication protocols, meaning you can use the Riot client as an IRC bouncer. As a result, Riot becomes most useful in its implementation as the default Matrix client. It's convenient and decentralized, as anyone can launch their own Matrix "homeserver" and connect it with Riot. This lets you use Riot as a persistent client that keeps you connected to IRC even when you're not there.

    Outside of the web application, you can also find it as a desktop application for Mac, Windows, and Linux, or a mobile application for iOS and Android. First, you'll need to grab an account from Riot's website. Registration is straightforward and shouldn't take you much time. You can find the registration form here. Once you've registered and have confirmed your email, you'll need to get the Riot applications on your devices of choice. There are desktop clients available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

    Mac OS X — Colloquy

    If you're running Windows or macOS, you can download the right version for your desktop on the Riot downloads page. If you're using Debian, Ubuntu, or a related operating system, you can add a repository to your system to install the Riot desktop client.

    You can read this guide on how to add the repository and install Riot to your system. Riot is not yet officially packaged in Fedora's repositories. However, there is a third-party Copr repository where the desktop application is packaged. Until it makes it into Fedora's repositories, you can use this version to get started with Riot. You can find the Copr project and install instructions here.

    Ask HN: Does anyone still use IRC? | Hacker News

    Want to have Riot integrated on your phone or do you prefer a mobile client? Any of the mobile clients will integrate fully with a desktop client, if you choose to use both. This guide will focus more on the desktop clients. Although you can use any network you like and the instructions will mostly be the same, this guide focuses on using Freenode.

    One of the first things you'll see after signing into Riot is the directory. There you can search through chat rooms on Matrix itself or any of the other IRC servers that are integrated. To join your first channel, you can select the IRC channel of choice in the dropdown menu and search for a channel. For example, if we want to find opensource. Once it's there, you can join and say hello to the rest of the Opensource.

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to directly join a room, you can type the following as a command from any chat window in Riot. Send a message to appservice- irc:matrix. By default, your IRC nick, or username, will be similar to your display name in Riot. Sometimes it will have [m] appended to the end. However, after you connect to a channel, you can change your nick on the IRC side as well. In the bottom left corner of your Riot client, you can start a new personal chat with any user.

    To message the IRC integration bot, start a new chat with appservice- irc:matrix. This will put you and the bot together in a private chat.

    RiceIRC [No Longer Available]

    To change your nick, send the following command to the bot:. One of the other vital functions you might need to do is authenticate with NickServ. This is especially important if you want to use your registered IRC nick or are a member of invite-only channels. You'll need to start another direct chat again. This will put you into a private message with NickServ on Freenode's servers. To authenticate, you can send a message just like you normally would. After doing this, you should receive the normal confirmation that you are now logged in as your account.

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