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Existing users are given some grace period to adjust. Evernote handles storage space by giving its users a per-month limit for new uploads that resets at the top of each month. Free account holders get the least, just 60MB per month.

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If you don't use the full 60MB, the remaining allowance does not roll over into next month. Also, the biggest file you can upload to a free account is 25MB. Free users do get some good features, though, namely the ability to search any text found in images. Say you take a photo of a whiteboard or a page of a book and upload it to your Evernote account.

Every word in the image is now searchable. It's superb. Free users cannot search for text in PDFs or other uploaded files, however. One new perk for free users as of is that they can add an optional passcode lock on their Evernote apps on mobile devices. Paid accounts come in three tiers of service: Plus, Premium, and Business. PCMag reviewed Evernote Business separately. Click the link in the previous sentence to read a complete review.

But it feels like a much less appealing deal than what Evernote used to offer. If existing users had been grandfathered into the new service at their previous fees, there would have been much less balking at the price hike. Plus users now get 1GB of storage space each month for new uploads and have a max size of 50MB. They can use as many instances of the app as they want with no syncing limitations.

Another big benefit is the ability to save notes offline to edit when you don't have an Internet connection. All Plus members also have the ability to forward emails into Evernote, and they get customer support via email, too. In addition to all the features included with Plus, Premium members also get the ability to search for text in PDFs and Microsoft Office documents. Premium users can also browse the history of any note, scan and digitize business cards, and turn an Evernote note into a presentation. As a point of comparison, Microsoft OneNote has no feature restrictions on its free version.

The Trunk: extending Evernote

Office subscribers get 1TB of space, although that space is shared among other Office Online apps. One of the things that often stops people from using Evernote is that they don't know how it can be useful, because the app is almost too open and flexible. When you first start using it, Evernote's a blank slate.

If you don't have an idea for how to use it, you could easily feel stumped. The more you use Evernote, the more apparent its features become. As you create and save notes to it—and notes can be typed or handwritten pages, audio memos, uploaded images, attached PDFs, and even content clipped from Web pages—you can arrange your notes into notebooks. Notebooks can be stacked, leaving you with, for example, a Recipes stack comprising a Baking notebook, a Cocktails notebook, and a Main Dishes notebook.

New to the program are two areas at the top of the left column: Shortcuts, where you can pin frequently used notes; and Recent Notes, which gives you quick access to your latest work. You can right-click on Notebooks or Tags to show their contents in the left column, as in previous versions of the program. In the main part of the program window, where you view notes, are new Card and Extended Card views, and you can view notes by Notebook or Tag without doing a search.

Speaking of which, searching for notes has been extensively improved, with type-ahead search that tries to anticipate your search string, and allows you to use note attributes as search tokens. As before, you can save searches for later use now a smoother process. The note editor gains a bunch of small changes that make it easier to write with; you can choose a plain-text note or add basic formatting, including full-screen composition. I had a few minor issues with Evernote 5.

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Notes on one of my Macs did not sync at the set interval; I had to sync manually until I uninstalled and reinstalled the program on that Mac. I also had trouble searching on a particular tag, but while writing this review, two minor updates with bug fixes and a few new features were released, and the tag problem went away. But many other companies and developers work with Evernote. Numerous scanner manufacturers now have a scan-to-Evernote feature in their drivers. The Trunk lists dozens of mobile apps that enhance Evernote in one way or another; in addition, there are paperless services such as FileThis , which automatically connects to and downloads statements from credit card, brokerage, and utility companies and sends them to Evernote.

The Evernote basic service and clients are free, and most users will be satisfied with that service I used it for more than two years as a free account. The company says that approximately 96 percent of its users are free account members, who may upload up to 60MB of data per month data can be of any type. Small ads appear in the client programs for free users.

Employees can keep their personal notebooks separate from their company notebooks. However, after a few seconds, the entire app became unresponsive, files stopped being copied, and, eventually, it crashed.

Not a good start. My first attempt at moving files on iOS. I gave up on trying to do this on iOS and did it on my Mac mini using multiple windows and the Finder. On macOS, notes can display images and PDF documents as inline attachments — fully-blown previews that are displayed within the body of a note.

On iOS, unfortunately, Evernote does not support toggling between inline and icon mode for images — you can only view images as large attachments. The opposite is true for PDFs: in the iOS app, PDF attachments cannot be displayed inline within a note — they can only appear as thumbnails that need to be tapped to be viewed in full-screen. Image attachments in Evernote for iOS can only be viewed as large images… View full size. This is a problem for a variety of reasons. Second, PDF thumbnails slow down the overall experience because of the additional taps they require.

On the Mac, if you have a saved search in Evernote that returns results contained in a PDF, matching keywords are automatically highlighted in yellow as you select notes that contain a PDF from the saved search:.

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Matches in a PDF selected from a saved search. Once again, it all comes down to the iOS app being an afterthought for the company. On the Mac, Evernote lets you create saved searches with a nice filtering UI reminiscent of smart folders, Mail rules, and similar features available in Keep It and Ulysses:.

A nice UI for creating saved searches on the Mac. The saved search is available on iOS, but it cannot be edited there — only deleted. Well then, how about creating the saved search directly on iOS? This is what you see when creating a saved search on iOS:.

Evernote Reviews

On iOS, there is no visual menu to create a saved search by picking from a list of filters and conditions. Keep It does saved searches right. These include tags, date metadata, text queries, attachment types, reminders, and even locations. I should also point out how Keep It makes it more convenient to access saved searches than Evernote. This is just a small collection of issues with Evernote on iOS I noticed over the past week of experiments with the app.

Setting aside old and proven jokes about Work Chat and socks , most of the criticism for Evernote stems from this very issue: the company has always been too slow in listening to user feedback and bringing feature parity across platforms. Evernote absolutely destroys Keep It when it comes to support for Siri shortcuts the system feature and Shortcuts the app.

evernote 5 for mac review Evernote 5 for mac review
evernote 5 for mac review Evernote 5 for mac review
evernote 5 for mac review Evernote 5 for mac review
evernote 5 for mac review Evernote 5 for mac review
evernote 5 for mac review Evernote 5 for mac review
evernote 5 for mac review Evernote 5 for mac review

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