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Please see below on how to reformat your external hard drive on Mac and Windows. Step 2: If you have already written any data to the drive, back it up before proceeding to the next step. Step 3: In the Finder, choose Go, then choose Utilities.

Alternatively, you can search in Spotlight for Disk Utility and click on it. Which hard drive format do you use? Let us know in the comments below! Click this link for more information. It's HardDriveWeek! Oh, come on. Surely you know that's untrue. In fact, even FAT16 allows long file names. In fact, even FAT12 allows "8.

By default exFAT uses larger clusters, so if you transfer a lot of small files to it It may or may not be significant. I have a 8T external hard drive. September 19, at pm. Nigel says:. August 4, at am. Bob says:. Wayne says:. August 19, at pm.

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How to erase a disk for Mac

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How to format a USB drive on a Mac

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Choosing the Right Format for Your External Hard Drive

Follow OSXDaily. News - Beta 1 of iOS Mac - MacOS Catalina The first option allows you to restore your machine to the latest Time Machine backup, if you have one. Tip: If you attempt to reinstall OS X onto an existing partition without first erasing it, OS X will reinstall the operating system files and your user files will remain intact.

If you wish to remove your data, you must erase the hard drive first. If your Mac originally shipped with OS X Instead, a grey folder with a question mark will flash on the screen. You will see the same thing if your hard drive suffers a catastophic failure. It means that your Mac is unable to read any data from the hard drive. Either because there is no data to read, or the data that is there is corrupted.

In this case, reboot your Mac and hold down Command and R immediately following the start-up chime. Your Mac will then try to connect to the internet so that it can download the OS X Utilities back to the hard drive. In the case of operating systems including and preceding OS X In this case, reboot and hold down C immediately following the start-up chime.

If you are selling, or passing on your Mac to a friend or family member, it is a really nice touch to have the Mac ready to boot into the OS X set up for the first time just like it did when you bought it. Following the downloading and installation of OS X, simply close down your Mac.

The next time it is booted up, it will go straight into the set up routine and ask the new user for their AppleID s in order to set up the Mac for their use. I explained the differences between versions of OS X including and up to Whilst it is not normally necessary to reformat the hard drive and reinstall OS X from scratch, knowing how to if you need to, or if you want to, can be extremely useful. Especially if you are selling or passing on your Mac to someone else. Save Now. Subscribe Sign In. Web Design. Game Development. Computer Skills. Learning Guides. Business Computer Skills.

The Reasons for Reformatting There may be times that you do wish to start again, from scratch.

disk utility mac format hard drive Disk utility mac format hard drive
disk utility mac format hard drive Disk utility mac format hard drive
disk utility mac format hard drive Disk utility mac format hard drive
disk utility mac format hard drive Disk utility mac format hard drive
disk utility mac format hard drive Disk utility mac format hard drive

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