Mac g5 ppc video card

Graphics problems In Power Mac G5 Quad (NVidia)

I try to stick with those. Don't blame you on that - it is nice to be safe.

Powermac G5 video card upgrade

But you have me intrigued about the Quadro now since I drive a decent size display x Those are the closest we G5 owners will get to the Fusion Drive experience. Keep up the good work. On the TenFourFox subject, thank you for your amazing work.

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Regarding ad blockers, there a new kid on the block if I may say: I have been using it for a few weeks with unofficial releases on TenFourFox, Firefox and Safari on Intel , it works well. If possible, it seriously raises the bar. I've once read that you could also flash a GTX into your G5.

I don't know if it's actually possible nor do I have the resources to try it but I just thought you might find this interesting. I'm not sure where you could find it now though. Yesterday I did a gift to my old beloved Power Mac G5 dual 2. I already had 6 Gb installed.

[PPC] Graphics problems In Power Mac G5 Quad (NVidia)

My G5 did not see new rams So I unfitted every ram block and fitted again them exchanging their positions and now: My Power Mac G5 improvement: Next buy: Due to an increased frequency of spam, comments are now subject to moderation. Monday, January 19, Upgrading the unupgradeable: And, as previously mentioned on my ripping yarn about long-life computing -- by this way, this winter the Quad G5's cores got all the way down to 30 C on the new CPU assembly, which is positively arctic -- is my year for a hard disk swap.

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  4. The Quad now has two 64MB-buffer rpm SATA II Western Digital drives and the old ones went into storage as desperation backups; while 10K or 15Krpm was a brief consideration, their additional heat may be problematic for the Quad especially with summers around here and I think I'll go with what I know works. Since I'm down to only one swap left I think I might stretch the swap interval out to six years, and that will get me through ClassicHasClass January 19, at 5: Anonymous January 20, at 1: NathanHill January 20, at 6: Yehudi Yrushlme June 30, at Altivec70 September 9, at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home.

    Subscribe to: Previous Next Sort by votes. Jehan Honorable. Aug 12, 26 0 10, 1. Hello folks im back after 3 solid builds and im looking for a challenge The heavens blessed me with a G5 and it is indeed marvelous engineering with breathtaking design but.. I found some weird stuff..

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    First problem is the Bluetooth isn't working so my shiny new Wireless Apple keyboard isn't useful at the moment. And i need a keyboard for the installation but my Bro got a USB keyboard and hes bringing it tomorrow so that's solved tomorrow i hope so i can finish the setup and to check the specs Yes i know the specs are mindblowing..

    GPU for PowerMac G5 :)

    I was thinking about a passive AMD or Nvidia or maybe ? Excuse me for my rambling.. Thanks for any information and for the fact Toms haven't kicked me so far.. Thank U Tom's. Dec 28, 1, 0 19, You are in for a rude awakening. Some people have made a business out of reflashing PC cards with Mac firmware, but I think you'd have problems finding someone still churning out GPUs for a vintage machine.

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    Found a few cards that might work. Looks like your Powermac is AGP: The high end was the Radeon Watch the video connectors Hello imrazor and Thanks i already had a hunchback that it won't work but i thought hey lets try it anyways. Thanks Tom's and u imrazor have a nice weekend and Happy gaming aye sir!

    Download TenFourFox

    Ah thanks again and that looks exactly like the card that's in my Mac I heard and seen some folks who have an AMD serie in their Macs so maybe that will spice it up a bit. Thanks and after my brother brought a KB with him we will check out the specs of this G5 and work from there Keynotes are.

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