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Hi Matt, I have installed your. All functionned well … but then on reboot the screen showed a greyish logo with a? Manjaro seems to be one of the distros that a number of people have trouble with. After installation finished, on reboot, i inserted my reFind CD and it showed me 2 pinguins options. Hi MAtt, Following your suggestions i fresh installed Ubuntu As I am not fan of full Ubuntu versions reason why i liked the Manjaro btw and because i only have 1,4 Go RAM, i decided to give a try to Xubuntu which is as you said lighter i have it installed on a old Dell laptop , and it works really fine , After burning the.

So i entered in Xubuntu CD and it started ok, but then suddently freezed on the logo … after waiting 5 long minutes , tried various killing cmds, … no esponse.. And yes, do i have to abandon totally the idea of Manjaro? Thank you Matt. Not sure on what may have been tripping up Xubuntu. Unfortunately if you run into the same boot issue again you might end up having to trial-and-error solutions which is never fun.

Thank you Matt for your patience and your very instructive blog. I also read somewhere in the manual user guide that Manjaro uses MBR by defaut. Anyhow,besides choosing MBR, could you please list me how would you partition a unique Gigas drive? Manually format and install after the fact. Got some issues to connect a postscript Ricoh printer, but besides this it gave it another lifetime for my Emac. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowhow. This was the missing link. Thank you so much Matt! I stumbled across the link below and decided to take a shot at upgrading the processor.

I installed a Core2Duo 2. I ran the firmware update included in the link and sure enough iMac System Info now shows iMac5,1 with software apps running 64bit. That said, Ubuntu performance is pretty good but not great.


Ubuntu seems to need more than 2GB of memory. I had room for a third partition on my iMac so I loaded up Debian Live 9. When I log into Ubuntu I can see my files on that partition. Essentially a modified version of what I have in the reducing the delay write-up. Could be clean, could be messy. The last-resort option would be of course just using a standard bit Linux installer from your favorite distros website since the Mac should detect and boot the bit EFI.

Selected Debian and it started up the disk. I have a question regarding iMacs from early that run an intel core duo not 2 duo though… Where can I find images that are 32bit and are modified to work with early imac? Sort of screwed my old imac after somehow booting the lubuntu disc I burned and wiped the partitions. Hello Matt and fellow 32bit EFI users. I also have cleaned the insides from dust. Is there something i can do or is my computer too old for modern streaming?

I have a 1. High resolution stuff will likely be a problem. For Netflix, you could try dropping into the account options and choose the lowest quality stream — it should at least be a bit easier on the CPU. For other online streaming, dropping the resolution as much as possible should help. You can open the superdrive by sliding a fingernail under the top edge of the drive door and pulling it down carefully.

Then there is a small pinhole bottom left of the disk tray. Push in a straightened paperclip it will click open. Use a finger on left and right edges to pull the tray out. Insert your boot DVD you burned earlier. Now power down your system. Hold down the C key and power up. Keep it held until after the chime then let go. You should hear your DVD spinning up and starting the live session.

Some GPUs might show a black screen for a while. Confirmed I ran the c program against Ubuntu Also worked with an unmodified Fedora 14 32bit boot disk I had laying around. Compiling the program took less time to do than pressing the enter key. Running the program against a stock iso took 2 seconds approximately. So save our friend some bandwidth and use the program! This was on a dual quad core system with 32gb or ram, but I think the program is single threaded, and nt much ram would be used.

Plus tis way might be faster than actually downloading a modified image! Thx very much Matt. I had to burn the DVD using another machine as my iMac drive had the laser calibration error. Only question now is how to have it boot directly into LM without needing to hold down the alt key? Sounds like that may not have been the case here for some reason. The other possible option would be to try manually setting the partition to an active boot partition from within Linux.

You should be able to. Thanks Mint Delighted to get away from Apple Must have been something to do with the graphics? Many many thanks again. Thank you so much! I was about to give up again. Lubuntu That gave me a light blue screen that froze instead of a frozen dark blue screen. I let it sit for 3hrs each time.

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Issue with the version itself. Puppy 6. I could barely see writing with a flashlight and reading glasses. It was minutes. A while back when I stumbled upon this I could finally understand why my efforts where pointless until then having a Macbook Pro 2,2 non-uniform body the late model. Even so I have a serious question to everybody here not just Matt. These superdrives just plain suck and make a lot of people around the world angry. So I tried the rEFInd route without luck.

I only used self patched your script provided images of different distros for the installer and they can boot fine from the UEFI of my MSI motherboard.


I payed attention to reformat the partition table of the Macbook drive to MBR but still so. Anybody has had this experience? What do I need to reconfigure here? Do I have to tweak the bootloader after installation? Heck, EFI can be so wonky that even if you set it back, something might end up goofed up.

Almost hesitant to recommend this now that I think about it…. Good luck in any case! Sorry for my ignorance. The EFI is bit only. Really nice stuff. However, Apple had BIOS-mode compatibility in their firmware, resulting in Windows being able to be installed without much fuss. So really, all was well. SL boots via bit EFI and runs bit apps on top. Windows boots in either bit or bit BIOS mode. No problems.

Now we get to Linux. The way most Linux distros handled the addition of EFI was to basically incorporate it rather than split it off into a separate image. It sees EFI on the install disk and tries to run it. Kind of, but this gets painful. You need a bit EFI bootloader capable of loading the bit distro and configured to do so. Assuming you get it going, the next problem is updates. They went to lengths to make it work.

Alright, that was longer than expected. That said, if you want to pursue bit via bit EFI bootloader, by all means feel free to do so. This dear Matt deserves an article in itself. Very valuable information very well explained. Spot on. Thank you for taking your time to help people getting in a right direction or even provide them with full solutions.

I bet this bit of yours could further enlighten a LOT of fellow Mac veterans. Thank you so much. Hopefully it will result for somebody in success and lots of tutorials and articles around the web on how to accomplish it. Have a very nice week. Saludos from Mexico! I would like to suggest you to convert Linux Lite Iso for us. It is light and looks fine. The system freezes, the screen saver also freezes, leaving to me the only option to reboot the system. Any clue for making the GPU work better?

May not be easy to get inside with the air you almost have to disassemble Macs to get at the dust , but do your best. If the GPU is overheating, a stress test should get that crash happening fast. Come to think of it, I had a few AMD video cards from around that era die pretty fast. Maybe not the route to go. Thanks for your response Matt.

I actually disabled screensaver which was one of the things causing the freeze and sleep is also disabled. The fans seem to be running fine, not noisy at all. I will continue testing everything, for now it is running fine. Please keep up the great work with theses converted ISOs.

Thanks so much for this guide! Saved it to Evernote. Simplest tutorial I have found for creating mac-specific images. Thank you so much for offering this solution. I just installed Ubuntu Studio Which in itself takes an acceptable 1 minute or so. Would you know why that is, and what to do about it? Then upon restart you should be looking at closer to 5 seconds on that initial screen. Thank you so much for your response, and then, so fast too! It was such a great moment when after a day of tinkering working with a keyboard with a faulty spacebar, which prevented me from entering anything useful in the terminal, and then I know zilch about Macs anyway I found your blog.

Just brilliant. I appreciate the thought. I have a donate button up now for those who might like to send some direct support through that medium. Thanks a lot for this resource page.

I have an old Mac Pro 2. SInce the OS X setup is quite a hack at the moment, switching to a Linux sounds like a good option for this machine. Thanks to your work I fell I can manage to do it within the time I have available for this project. All of these bit EFI models. You can certainly try with a typical install, but there seems to be a need for manual partitioning quite frequently, and sometimes some other hiccups along the way.

Some other tidbits as well if you want to peek through and see what they and others have done. Markus in the comments above got Ubuntu Process was creating an empty bootcamp partition, restarting with CMD-ALT, then it loaded the disk and he was able to continue. Note that USB flash drives seem to be problematic. Would you please advise. Thank you. Will likely need more info. Hi Matt, this is Igor from Brazil. The computer auto reboots itself after a power failure. Any clue how to fix that?

Thanks once again. Using setpci the wrong way could very well mess something up on the system that ends up being really hard to undo. Using the Apple-provided tools on the other hand should be predictable and reliable. Your post a solved a huge problem for me b proved to me that there is still good in this world :- c Allows me to boot up my LinuxFormat DVDs that come to me monthly in the mail. I was able to try our your build of Fedora 26 and Lxde-Ubuntu on my still awesome but Google chrome stopped being supported Macbook from …it still flies with its fusion drive that I installed esp with Linux even when compared to my Retina MabookPro….

Glad it worked, though credit for the C program itself and work done in the original Mac-specific Blogging about the journey definitely sounds good! Sometimes people run into hiccups or are concerned they will and are hesitant to try. Seeing the experiences of others can help both situations. Hi, Im looking for recommendations for a Mac Pro 2,1 running Thanks in advance, best regards!

Hi Matt, just want to let you know that I got Mac Pro 1,1 firmware upgraded to 2,1 running Centos 7 smoothly. That was as easy install as it gets. Thanks a gazillion! The newer version has corrupted display. It should be up now at the end of the But I really want to find out what is happening behind the script. S: the script is working, no complaints. Successfully converted kde neon. For example: why the buffer size is what it is, what the significance of those 4 bytes are, what data actually exists at that specific position, and other things that may require an understanding of the data structure within the ISO to fully grasp.

I installed Kubuntu Originally, I had a drive with Deepin, Siduction, and Ultimate Edition Ubuntu that I plugged and played, but all could not make transition thinking about 3 years bump into the future and it is good to have a current system, though I really should have gone for I will attempt to make an install using instructions. I have MacbookAir 1,1 Currently with lion and Win7. Would love to get Solus 3 and Budgie going.

It looks like your Solus 3 is Mate, but maybe I can switch if I get it on there. Am I safer to just replace win7 with EXT partition, rather than going for the whole drive? EXT 4 OK? However, you could give it a shot anyway or try a USB optical drive, or some other installation method. You can definitely give it a try, but make sure you have a working backup and working OS X install medium first test to ensure it boots so that if things go horribly wrong you can revert and start over.

If you shift-refresh this page in a few minutes it should show up in the Solus 3 list. Wow, you are the best! Heartfelt thank you. I will clone my drive first, and I understand the risks of the endeavor. Solus 3 Budgie is a serious carrot, however. Cross my fingers and install. Be prepared for 30 sec boot delay. Would be so cool if I can rehabilitate the little beast :. The sheer number of posts here demonstrates how valuable your efforts are to many of us.

All the best. Hopefully it does. Thanks so much for these images, and the information provided here! With that isomacprog. Unfortunately, the FreePBX license is extremely restrictive and expressly prohibits modification of the ISO, explicitly including modifications to work on other environments.

Bloody Sangoma. Might try it on DVD though. Thanks anyway though! Thank you Matt! But wifi is dead. I installed Linux Mint as a dual boot using your download. I partitioned the drive first and it gave me the option to dual boot. There is a lot of confusing information on other web sites..

Hi Matt — just wanted to say a big thank you for preparing and hosting these files — they have made a night and day difference to my trying out different distros to resurrect my ancient mac mini. It briefly flashed a blue text of Solus login: then went to a flashing white underscore top left, then the DVD spun down as it kinda gave up trying! Thanks again — much appreciated!! Any help you can give would be appreciated. You could try booting from one of the known working ISOs to rule that out.

Is there no way around this? Hi Matt, thank you so much for this site and the effort you put into making ISOs bootable for us! I downloaded a new version from the dev site 0. This version runs fine without the extremely slow desktop. To boot without your special ISO you just have to follow this guide! Question: is it safe to do disto update once installed, or will it change things with the EFI boot? Have not tried. Distro upgrades are hit and miss. Before doing it, it may be worth having an install DVD for the old version and possibly new version handy just in case. Since I installed Lubuntu The move to No other issues to report, On my macbook 2,1 the move from It appears to install but the it just hangs on the first reboot.

Same here. No idea whether it is or not. Just instaled Lubuntu Thanx for this Matt! I downloded the ISO images for Hi Matt Just tried Ubuntu Tried on a iMac 5,1 and installed fine but gives me black windows when I open an app. Any thoughts? It ran Lion ok when I started.

Not sure. Maybe at the log in screen hit the gear and try Wayland or Xorg if previously set to Wayland. Otherwise best guess is a driver issue, which might be trickier to deal with. I tried ubuntu Any ideas? Specifics may actually be wrong. Thanks once again for this little bit of magic! I simply gave up running Linux on my 12 years old iMac. Linux randomly freezes leaving the system completely unresponsive.

I will stick around with Snow Leopard on Chrome 49 for the sake of my health and patience. Many thanks for your work and explication. I got an order from the Mac store in the mall. After setup she asked if I wanted the old one iMac 6. Wonder if you could help. Having so much trouble with the hybrid iso for a single boot Ubuntu working for MacBook Air 1,1. Do you have any links or tips that a layman can understand to convert the iso to something the 1,1 Air can use the SuperDrive to boot from. Sometimes one of the programs can be finicky — if so, try the other.

You can also use another burning program if you happen to have one kicking around. Hey Mat, I love what your doing. Any chance you could add Parrot home edition? Would really appreciate it. Tried the mint XFCE but got no x-server. Going for KDE…. Also had tried the Tara cinnamon but the mac pro 1,1 usb went haywire on it. I decided not to install it on the mac pro 1,1 for the fact that the drivers wont work on a pc nvidia card which I have laying around all over.

I took out my old DVD drive many years ago, and purchased a new in box replacement recently to make this go smoothly. I downloaded They should ideally be disks you know work or have worked before. Unfortunately the drive had unrecoverable errors. You should add Clonezilla since it may be used for many reasons. Hello sir, and thank you for this page and your efforts! I loaded the Cinnamon edition and found my old black macbook to be running hot and lagging a bit. I understand I will need to work those problems out.

My hope is it will run better and be less taxing on the hardware. Primarily this will be used as a budget stopgap internet machine for my teenage daughter. Kindest regards. Used this iso: Linux Mint It spins up, but never loads on the Macpro. Beginning to tear my hair out….. Try booting from it. Try booting the medium in another computer to eliminate a bad burn or defective medium as a possibility. In any case, once the firmware is up to date, try the whole process again. Then put the hard drive back in the Mac Pro.

I would probably try this with the bit version first, then if successful you can try one of the bit modified versions. Hopefully something in there helps or gets you moving in the right direction or maybe someone in the same situation can chime in if they came across a fix. First- I would like to thank you for the work you put into this project.

It has been VERY helpful. I was not able to get the Kali ISO to boot. Again, thank you for your efforts. But I would love to see Zorin 12 in a bit version with bit boot for old Macs. None of the others made for PPC work optimally. Hey Dan. Zorin Core and Zorin Lite should be up now.

Two options at that point:. Either that or a maintainer eventually has to bow out and nobody steps in to take their place. Thank you for ismacprog. Works like a charm! I successfully booted and installed ubuntu Any idea why this would be? My first guess would be possibly the same thing going on here. A response containing Parition table: msdos is good.

Partition table: gpt is bad. If you have the time of create your version for that one it will be awesome. There are lots of old Macs around the world, which are obsolete because of old OS X, and linux is the perfect solution to make them useful. So, thank you very much for such as wonderful job! The same damage affected couple of iMacs model 5. I found some info and tools to control Mac fans, which may be helpful: Macfanctld Mbpfan Lm-sensors. I mean slower boot, slow loading prorgams, some lags in UI especially after system boot etc.

After installing with When it goes black during the install, is it possible the screensaver is kicking in or the machine is going to sleep? If so, try to keep active on the Desktop during the install. Hey, I have a few questions as I am a noob. Hopefully the instructions will make a lot more sense after completing that. Sorry about the troubles but I wiped the drive from the live CD. The moment I try booting without the live cd installed I get stuck on a purple screen the colour of Ubuntu os.

Thank you for the continued support to the vintage max community. Anyways, thanks for the 4. Is there anyway these can be fixed? I looked for drivers online but no luck so I turned to our resident expert i. I find it so cool that these macs can be revived for so cheap. It actually performs outside my expectations as well. So as long as the screen is on, it should be on too. Use a Snow Leopard or Lion install disk and see if the volume shows as muted and can be turned back up.

This is assuming the internal speaker does work of course. Unfortunately for this method you would usually have a dual-boot configuration with Mac OS X available, though they do briefly mention the possibility of obtaining the firmware elsewhere. If you decide to give them a try, let me know how it turns out! History: I have the old HDD with old Mac OS installed, the startup chime worked fine and the speaker was functional as well, the webcam worked too. I opened up the machine and everything was plugged in and functional.

The issues are not hardware based, seems like a driver problem. Hey, I installed the new elementary os from DVD and it worked fine. There were updates to be made and asked for a restart, after restart I am stuck on a black screen even if i try manually booting from HDD. Some of the old Ubuntu installs used to do this usually upgrades to the non-LTS versions for whatever reason.

Hi I installed xubuntu How did you format to mbr I must be doing it wrong hope you can help. This may involve deleting all the partitions and creating new ones. Make sure you do not create any EFI partitions. If the installer insists on EFI there is a good chance that the drive is gpt. This may be a bit premature, however, after several attempts at installing Mint 18 which failed. Skip to content. Video is also not working in Mavericks, but the videoengine.

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You'll find it again in the components folder as above. The big one that could possibly be fixed? Skip to content Primary Menu Search for: khe mac 2 park 20 mac video screen capture software download half life free mac come scaricare video da youtube con real player per mac icon sammlung mac os x. Blender, made by you Might ln be unhappy with that? That helps: So..

Le Bot SomeOnlyClub? When it comes to scripts, I have no issues. Everything just works. But when it comes to storyboards, I can resize an element or drag it to another spot without weird glitches such as the element flying off the screen and getting deleted. When I drop a textfield element and insert a default value, the text y position is so far down you can only see the top of the letter even though the font size is default and the alignment is perfectly centered horizontall and vertically.

Changing between storyboard tabs such as going to the attributes inspector causes the object you are focused on to deselect. How did that even happen? The worst part about this update is that Xcode 9 Beta 4 was a better build than this release and that was 6 weeks ago.

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You basically have to update to this version to keep apps up to date and release those brand new apps to iOS 11 devices. I've been writing software and using IDEs for over 20 years and XCode is probably better, overall, than anything else available on any platform. And that list includes every major IDE you've ever heard of.

Yes it has some issues here and there. But none of those are show stoppers, and in my career I've never seen a commercial application of any kind that didn't have room for improvement. Out of 2, ratings for XCode as of this one , to see an equal number of 1-star ratings versus 5-star and not much in between, tells me there are a lot of trolls out there who don't use this tool to earn their living like I do , yet they think their comments matter for some reason.

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